Music Business and Management Course
with Kasango

Course Overview

The Music Business and Management course is comprehensive 3 month learning program designed for music industry entrepreneurs. Covering copyright law, IP ownership, physical and digital distribution, aggregation as well as Joint work and collaborations agreements, Royalty and Earning structures, and Marketing and Distribution, this SLP will equip the music industry working professional with all the skills they need to:

  • Manage Master, Sync, Publishing and Mechanical royalties.
    Understand copyright law as it applies to music rights ownership.
  • Understand digital content royalties and income structures.
    Manage licensing of music and other digital content.
  • Administer IP rights and copyright ownership with CMOs like SAMRO, SAMPRA and CAPASSO.
  • Successfully distribute, market and manage their digital music assets.
  • Understand income lines and how music can be monetized across platforms like Spotify, Youtube, Apple music and others.
  • Manage artist bookings, live shows, logistics and touring.

Your lecturer Kasango